Trail of the Week 4: Gayle Way (#25)

Our last two Trails of the Week have been either long, or steep, or both. Let’s take a break this week. We’ll still take a walk, but a short one. Maybe the shortest one: #25, Gayle_WayGayle Way. “Eight short paces” is how it is described on our path list. That’s about right, though your mileage may vary. And on our original list, Gayle Way, or as we called it then “17. Gayle Court to Noble Court Mini-Path,” was explicitly cited as our shortest path.  But that may no longer be true, at least for path segments wholly within the city of El Cerrito.  Behrens Way (#58) is a IMG_2225very similar connector of two cul-de-sacs, but only half of it is in El Cerrito. Still, to paraphrase Dr Seuss,  a path is a path, no matter how small. And this isn’t a contest, though anyone who wants to is welcome to take a measuring tape to them.

Like last week’s trail, Gayle Way has also served as a shortcut for school kids, and it soon will be that again. Just north of the path a new IMG_2233-001middle school is being built on the site of the former Castro Elementary School. So it’s short, but functional. And another link in the in the network of paths that make El Cerrito a more walkable place.


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