Trail of the Week 6: Arlington Park Trail (#38)

arlington parkAnother small path this week, but one that could be much more. Arlington Park Trail might be just another walkway in an El Cerrito park, if it weren’t for its unrealized potential. As part of a chain of trails connecting green spaces, Arlington Park trail and the paths of Camp Herms Boy Scout Camp could help connect the Hillside Natural Area to Wildcat Canyon. If only there weren’t a fence between them.

The creek in Arlington ParkStarting at the end of the Ridge Trail at King Ct., it is less than 1000 ft along King Dr. to the middle segment of the Shevlin to Arlington Park Path (#37). This beautiful and useful walkway, the subject of a future post,  takes you up to Arlington Blvd. along a small creek. At Arlington you can cross via a crosswalk and continue to follow the creek into Arlington Park.

In reality, there isn’t all that much of a path along the creek, but the walking is easy and several small IMG_3729foot bridges cross it along the way, leading to a picnic area. Those looking for a smoother surface can go ~250 feet further along Arlington and take the paved path through the park. Taking the rightmost branch will lead to a slightly larger bridge with handrails. Across the creek, the path continues past a play area on the left and then straight into a fence. But not just a fence. A fence with a no trespassing sign. And with a tantalizing view of Camp Herms beyond. Privately owned by the Boy Scouts, the camp includes trails that continue on up to the ridge of the hills. One trail exits onto Ivy Ct. (#40) which leads to Leneve Place (#42) a sidewalk path that connects to Terrace and the Terrace-Wildcat trail (#50). The way is there, but the road still has a few obstacles.


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