Trail of the Week 15: Fast Food Way (#48)

Our slightly flawed map

Our slightly flawed map

Tree lined Fast Food Way, also known as the Avila Path or just “that grassy area next to KFC” is a recent addition to the Trail Trekker List. Before last year we had somehow missed it, but it is getting harder to miss, especially because of the trees. In fact, if I had described it before mid-February there would have been no mention of trees. But on February 15 a group of volunteers led by the El Cerrito Tree Committee and city arborist Stephen Prée planted 25 trees in the area around Avila St., Carlson Blvd. and El Dorado St. And 5 of them were planted right along the path.

Planting trees along Fast Food Way

Fast Food way connects the sidewalk on San Pablo to the dead end of Avila, but in doing so opens up an alternative route for those walking towards Pierce Street or the Bay Trail. Avila continues on the west side of Carlson and proceeds until it runs into Central Park, just about a block away. And provided there is no game, you can cut across the sports field and join Central just before Yolo Avenue, saving you who knows how much breath that might have otherwise been filled with exhaust fumes from the Central parking lot Avenue traffic. And which would you rather see, cars and grumpy commuters or trees and laughing children playing in the park?

Before the trees

Before the trees

Alternatives to busy streets are an interest here at the Trail Trekkers, and if you bicycle you might want to join us on April 19 for a ride that will look at some other alternatives for reaching the bay. There will be more information about this hike ride on the Events page in the coming week. We’ll be biking from the Ohlone Greenway to the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond, and back again. We really hope that you can join us.


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