Trail of the Week 18: Brewster Trail (#26)

ridgetrail3For the first time with Trail of the Week, we are featuring a completely blocked trail. Brewster Trail is supposed to run downhill from Brewster Court to Contra Costa Drive, and although much of it is probably open, it is blocked at both ends, rendering it unusable. At the top there are hedges, perhaps over fences, which make locating the exact start problematic. At the bottom, there is a beautiful garden on the land below a house on Brewster.

Photo by TJ Gehling

A deer on the trail [Photo by TJ Gehling]

Wooden-tread steps lead up to the gate of the garden, but actually predate it, as can be seen by using Google Maps, but whether they were ever actually used as access to a trail is questionable. The garden doesn’t actually block the trail right-of-way, but a newly installed railing for the steps blocks their use for accessing the trail, and a retaining wall and deep gutter block alternative entry. Still, as you can see it gets some use. Maybe someday people will use it too.

The garden gate (a hey, look, the deer. [TJ Gehling]

The garden gate and, hey look, the deer again! [TJ Gehling]


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