Trail of the Week 24: Del Norte to Ohlone Way (#13)


The path route from San Pablo.

This week’s trail is the last of the short paths that serve to connect the Ohlone Greenway to surrounding streets. In reality there are probably many streets that can be thought of as connectors between the greenway and other city parks and trails. Moeser connects to Cerrito Vista, Schmidt and Blake connect to major entrances of the Hillside Natural Area, and Conlon connects to Canyon Trail. And there are also short paths that connect the greenway to adjacent features such as the Plaza, Fairmount Park and the two BART stations. But on the current list we have limited ourselves to a few more substantial paths that aren’t also streets: the Eureka Bike Ramp (#46), Liberty to Ohlone (#45), St. John’s Way (#24) and this week’s trail, Del Norte to Ohlone (#13).


The west entrance

Like St. John’s Way, this trail is completely on private land.  It can be found about a block and a half north of the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station. It runs from just north of the Del Norte Plaza parking lot on San Pablo Ave. to the greenway,  and then on to the residential parking lot under the BART tracks. The western part of the path seems to be a ramp for 11780 San Pablo, the building that houses El Cerrito Optometry and the office of Supervisor John Gioia. The rest of the path, which is just over 200 ft. long, is shaded by trees and meanders around planters and past doorways that lead into residential areas. This could be said to be a path of opportunity. Unlike St John’s Way, it wasn’t meant to be a “path;”  just a space between two buildings meant for use by residences. As such its continued use as a public way very much depends on the goodwill of the owners. But it is there and therefore on our list.

There is still one other path that connects to Ohlone Way, a connector through the Plaza to Cerrito Creek. But since we include that as part of the Cerrito Creek Trail we’ll cover it when we cover that trail. And that is definitely much more than just a connector.


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