Mysterious bench appears in the Madera open space

IMG_1658A new bench has appeared in the Madera section of the Hillside Natural Area. Problem is, no one knows how it got there. It was reported to us on July 4th when a Boy Scouts leader dropped by the Trekker booth. But the scouts didn’t install it. Neither did the city, at least not the people we talked to. And the Madera habitat restoration group knew nothing of it. So who built the bench?

It took some knowledge and effort to install, and shows an obvious interest in the Hillside Natural Area. These are just the characteristic that we in the Trekkers appreciate. But that area of the park is currently undergoing habitat restoration efforts and such installations without consulting the various interested parties runs the risk of damaging ongoing work.IMG_1659

So if you know who built the bench why not ask them to drop us a line? We’d love to work with them in the future to help maintain and improve the Hillside Natural Area. We can be reached at


Photos by T. Aaronson



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