Trail Trekkers’ goals and challenges for 2017

by Dave Weinstein, Trail Trekker president


We want to re-focus our attention on trail building, including by installing steps at the bottom of Motorcycle Hill Trail. We also hope to finish construction of the Terrace Cutoff Trail and perhaps work on other trails as well.
We will continue the fight to preserve Fairview Open Space, the 15-acre wild land just north of the Hillside Natural Area, including building coalitions with other groups interested in open space, wildlife, creeks, air quality, parks and other environmental and community issues.
Trekkers will put on at least seven programs, including hikes and work parties that focus on El Cerrito history as part of the 2017 City Centennial.
The fourth annual Hillside Festival will be back and even better on Sunday, May 21.
We plan to create a printed version of our trail map this year for easy use by hikers, walkers and bikers.
We will continue to work with the city and Friends of Dorothy Rosenberg Memorial Park on planning for improvements in this new nature and garden park in the city’s hills.
We will work with PG&E to control overgrowth on the open space PG&E property, which is in between Moeser Lane and the Hillside Natural Area, while preserving and improving wildlife and natural habitat. We will work to ensure continued public access to trails on this property.
We will mount a membership drive to ensure that people in our community get involved with our organization and help support its mission through their participation, membership dues – and in other ways too.


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