Our Evening Ramble was a great hike and it will happen again

Alina, in red, stands with hikers atop the ridge in Camp Herms as fog flows through. Photos by Dave Weinstein

Trail Trekkers new hike leader Alina Constantiniescu put 20 people through their paces last night with a long (4 miles), beautiful and at times foggy hike that took us through the Hillside Natural Area, up the charming Shevlin to Arlington Trail, and through the Boy Scouts’ Camp Herms.

We thank the Boy Scouts for their kind permission!

Next we saw the quirky and fun Musee des Bibelots Voies on Leneve Place overlooking Wildcat Canyon, took a quick swing through a bit of Kensington past some beautiful mid-century modern homes, and took a small trail alongside the Unitarian Universalist Church.

Enjoying the Musee des Bibelots Voies.

Alina then led us down a hidden set of public stairs in El Cerrito that at first appear to be nothing but a driveway. Then down the Great Western Power Trail along Moeser Way as night fell upon us.

Alina will lead another Hillside Ramble, “mostly through the Hillside Area and Motorcycle Hill,” she says, on September 12, starting from the Schmidt Lane trail head at 6:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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