Large turnout for Motorcycyle Hill ribbon cutting

Mayor Janet Abelson slices through the ribbon, officially inaugurating the Motorcycle Hill Stairs. Mollie Hazen stands alongside.

Several dozen people showed up for a brief ceremony at Motorcycle Hill last week to mark the completion of the Motorcycle Hill Stairs. These stairs make it much easier to use the wonderful, albeit steep trail.

Before the city installed them recently, hikers had to hop a low wall to access the trail, which Trail Trekkers built from scratch starting 5 years ago.

If you have not enjoyed this scenic trail, now is a good opportunity.

Cutting the ribbon was our mayor, Janet Abelson, who truly got into the spirit! County supervisor John Gioia, a friend to trails, spoke, as did Councilman Paul Fadelli.

Jenny Hammer, Trekkers’ vice president and the person who spearheaded the trail creation, discussed its history.

Glenn Wood, who designed the stairs pro bono along with the firm that employs him, SGPA Architecture, was heartily thanked, and attended with his family.

Glenn Wood, who designed the stairs, attended with his family. The stairs fit in quite well with the setting. Glenn is also a member of the city’s Design Review Board.

Also there was Gary Hill, who worked very hard on the trail as leader at the time of the El Cerrito High Mountain Bike Team. Many young people and their parents from that group helped build the trail.

We were glad to see Patrick Johnston, also there with his family, a National Park Service planner who designed a beautiful series of trail signs for the Hillside that will soon be installed, Later his signs also will be installed on the more urban trails throughout town.

City staffers who worked on the trail were also there to bask in its glory, including Ana Bernardes. The city’s Parks and Rec Commission approved spending regional park bond measure WW funds on the stairs.

Much thanks also went to Charlie Bowen, a leader of Berkeley Path Wanderers, which Trekkers regards properly as our inspiration. She helped us select a route and provided technical and spiritual assistance.

Mollie Hazen and Pam Austin, Trekker board members, helped put on this informal celebration, along with Jenny. Thanks!

Before we built this trail, this section of the Hillside Natural Area was essentially impassable. Now it is a major link in a wonderful series of lopping trails throughout the 100 acre park.

After the ceremony many of us repaired to McBear’s Social Club, which has a lively beer garden and is a wonderful asset to our city.

Hope to see you soon on Motorcycle Hill!

After the ceremony some attendees took to the trail.


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