Terrace Cut-Off Trail Construction and Maintenance – Sat. February 17, 2018, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Come to the first of our regular Third Saturday Trail Trekker Work Parties
We will be out working improving the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area every third Saturday of the month throughout the year starting on February 17.  Make it a recurring monthly event in your calendar and we will be there to greet you and welcome you to a project: Broom Bashes, Trail Construction,  yes, some debris clearing, but if we get the momentum we plan to, we can make a real difference.

Meet:  Terrace Drive at Contra Costa Drive at the top of the of the future Terrace Cut-Off Trail.

Leader:  Mark Miner markeminer@gmail.com


Tools will be provided, Bring water, maybe a snack. We will clear brush, weeds and debris, do some minor grading and perhaps install a couple treads

Terrace Cut off



http://ectrailtrekkers.org/All participants understand that certain risks are inherent in this activity, and engage in the activity at their own risk.


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