Current El Cerrito Open Space Campaigns

We are continuing our El Cerrito Open Space Campaign. Trekkers continue efforts to preserve Fairview Open Space from proposed development by developing outreach materials and strategizing.

Several volunteers are joining in this effort.

We have named the effort the El Cerrito Open Space Campaign, and have expanded its scope. We will continue to focus on the 15-acre Fairview Open Space, where 38 homes have been proposed.

But we will also work to ensure that the public retain access to several privately owned parcels that abut or intrude into what the public understands to be the Hillside Natural Area. Access is not threatened at this point, but over the years several parcels of land that were once open for public use have been lost as owners have fenced them off.

Our goal is to ensure that easements provide undiminished public use of these areas, the largest of which is the PG&E property that runs alongside Moeser Lane.