Haiku Contest Entries 2022

It’s not too late to enter your own poetry in our haiku contest, part of the Hillside Festival 2022. Email your entries to davidsweinstein@yahoo.com

Here are the latest additions:

Gwyneth A., age 8.

Not too hot or cold.

I feel the sun on my face.

Grass around me sways.


Barbara Birch

“The Overlook”

There’s a rustic bench

off the path and to the side,

where someone can rest.


Rowan I., age 5

I love the hillside.

The hillside is a great place.

Good place to hike, too.

The hillside is good

‘cause leaves, trees, rocks, plants and dirt.

Do you think so, too?


Walter Schweikert

People are happy,

hillside is recovering,

Weinstein at his best


Jared N. Age: 17

Haiku #1:

beautiful, rocky

scenery, water crashing on shore

island paradise

Haiku #2:

war, violence, death

solution to solve them all

a treaty of peace

Haiku #3:

laughter fills the air

giant smiles from cheek to cheek

endless joy of life


Pamela Lim

Above the city,

Beneath canopy of leaves

Trekking the hillside.

Golden sunshine smiles

Fresh air, family and friends,

Fun-filled memories.

Thirsty mosquitoes,

Keep your fangs away from me–

I will bite you back!


Serena S., Age 13

A faint breeze whisks by

With sun caressing my skin

Flowers twirl with me

Serena Allen


Rays stroke dew-drenched hill

Petals dry and awaken

Soft faces kiss sky.

Foggy Day

Fingers of fog drift

Damp embrace blankets the trees

Steep slopes, calm and still.


Round and round we go

Mirroring nature’s spirals

Treasure-filled center


Lois Switzer

Birds, Flowers, Sounds, Smells

Oaks, woods;  careful poison oak!

Hillside has it all


Views on a clear day

Nature hike just steps away

Glad Hillside is close


Wind can be blowing

Geology to observe

Remove invasive French broom!


Candy Smallwood

Standing on the hill

Cacophony of bird song

I welcome the peace.

Up here on the peak

Big cities in the distance

I love my hamlet

Deer crossing the road

Turkeys in all their glory

Skunks are my favorite


Daniel Ari

New green reaches out

into unknown sunlight

   above a sea of city.

Dry trail dust kicked up

smells like you will never

have to go back to work.

Blue beach glass, how

did you get back home?

Now you come home with me.


Belen R.  age: HS senior

The quizzical bird

Bluejays. Stealthily hopping

The bug is gone now

Nodding poppies bend

Whistling wind. Sharp. Blowing

Everything’s tilted

The fog rolls down with

Extended fingers, reaching

The hills are shrouded


Kristianna Bertelsen

Bounded on all sides

the hillside stream flows quickly

maintaining neutrality


Genevieve M., age 10


A purple flower blooms strong,

facing towards the city view,

such a place to bloom.


Cactus plant so low,

relaxing in the hot sun,

relaxing all day.


Darcy W., Age 10

I pull my hat over my head

And see the nature

Through tiny holes


Gemma S., Age 10

The tiny inchworm

Under the shade of the tree

Sheltered from the sun

The purple flower

Swaying in the gentle breeze

Welcoming the bees

Cheep! Cheep! Sing the birds

I wonder what they’re saying

With their charming songs


Lindsay Z., Age: 10

1. The Rock

On top of the rock

To look across the long grass

Feeling the calm wind

2. The Tree

Their leaves sway calmly

Swaying in the fresh cold breeze

Their flowers feel peace

3. The Mountain Range

Across the mountains

Across into the unknown

The animals rule


Paul Steuerwald

contested lands

      Oak, and laurel stand;

stone and rock, and ocean winds;

    Spring night coyotes yip.


Saksham D.


Depressing nighttime
A beautiful, crazed queen chirps

enjoying the king.


Sluggish Summertime

An only, passion friend stings

because of a girl


Sunshiny Cockcrow

A single, perfect leaf sings

In spite of the tree.


Richard Schwartz

So old- you feel it?

So quiet- do you hear it?

The breath of El Cerrito

Under your foot step

Sensed by your soles, your belly

history rumbles.

They are there still

They are still there receiving songs

Old Indian villages do not sleep


Bernie Kellman

El Cerrito. Home.

Calm and safe for our children,

Swam upstream to spawn !

Corner Store/ Tienda a la Esquina

In small letter: food

In bigger letters: Ice

The biggest sign: Beer

poco: comidas

y mas grande: hielo

grande: cerveza


Jeannine Cuevas

Parched oaks yearn for rain

Embrace the path with lacy shade

A beetle’s respite


Gwyneth A., age 8

A Misty Day

pretty lace flowers,

blue purple yellow take up rain

fungus mushrooms dig deep

fungus fun to find

dig deep on a misty day

mushrooms don’t eat them


Barbara Birch

touch trees brown rough bark

my trekking poles pull me up

gasp clean scented air

labyrinth circle

step in with namaste hands

sudden devotion


James Carl


Step steep step upwards

Pebbles, tree seeds, flowers, weeds

Amazing bay views


Hear my sincere plea

Mighty eucalyptus tree

Do not burn for me


Silently I rest

Pondering bridge, hills and bay.

Thanks George and Carol.


Marta Belanger


Hill, dry grass, cardboard

El Cerrito kids flying

No supervision


Red-tail hawk gyres up

Crows converge in loud protest

Relentless murder


Makena T.

Age: 10


Trees sway with the wind

The crunch of leaves underfoot

For this is my home


Trees all around me

The wind blowing in my face

This the little hill


Opal Franklin

Poem #1.

My hands move mountains

Swing low and carry my pain

The brush keeps me warm

Poem #2.

El Cerrito’s home

A clear view of my whole life

The little hillside

Poem #3

I walk a clear path

A friendly smile greets me

I will always feel grounded


Amalia Lorentz Cunningham

Brown leaves coat the path

Urban nature getaway

Tall grasses swaying

Huff and puff uphill;

Rewarding gorgeous vista.

The dog doesn’t care.

Quarry walls frame the

Recycling Center’s bustle.

I’m above it all.


Henry C.,

age 13

Hiking with my dog

He loves the breeze in his scruff

He loves the hillside.