Haiku Submissions

Here are the haiku poems submitted by Trekker fans, inspired by the Hillside Natural Area. Please send us your own. The deadline is May 31

Luscious green

Spring leaves emerge on branches

a red rash follows

• Lea Rude

Fresh air, no dust

Light through majestic oaks

Morning on the trail

• Mark Warmerdam

 When the path appears

City Friend says, “Ah, what’s this?”

We escape through hills.

Kristianna Bertelsen

Rufus-sided hopscotch

Restless in the trailside brush

Bird! Flush our your feast.

Kristianna Bertelsen

Morning dove tail wind

Everything whirls together

You complete the circle

Susan Kuchinskas

Old trees shelter new brood

Dry grass nestles umber stone

This quiet place teems

• Susan Kuchinskas

 owls warping jacquard

morning rustle slower sticks

fresh dreams roll under

Andrea Johnson

She flows through me

A blessing of sensations

Nature’s mother, earth

Sergio Torres

Exposing lupine

Pulling French Broom

Purple lupine lurking there

Restoring hillside

Anna Lemontt




Atop a flagpole  soared


Skewered on spinal cord

the happy recluse


Tiny birds would bathe

In bramble-covered dark pools

This May, it’s too dry

Lauren Schiffman


Lithe lizards sunbathe

Sudden scoot to hillside holes

TV for the dog

Lauren Schiffman


July’s blue-stained fingertips

Some tart, red drupelets

Blackberry coulis

Lauren Schiffman


Our dog wants to sniff

Where all the others have been

But not to meet them

Ken Berniker


The Old Eucalyptus Tree

As I run my palm

Through the rough tree bark. I think

My palm is like life

Lives go through rough times

Like the bark of this old tree

As my palm moves through

We will all move on

No matter what fate puts in

The paths of our lives

We are forced to keep going

No matter the rough bark

My palm is forced to move through

It keeps plowing forward

Until it decides

To rest, our lives take a stop

After a fulfilling

Allison P. Age 11


Autumn Stroll

I walk on the trail

People come, Masks on

People go, Masks off

Birds in the trees sing

The branches dance to the wind

Wind whistles calmly

Leaves fall in autumn

Leaves dance til they touch the ground

I catch a brown one

I catch another

This one is waxy and red

I drop it and keep walking

Emily P. Age 9


Once bare trees, now green

Birds sing from the deepest place

Summer approaches

Edie Bruce


Small dog noses ground

Eucalyptus, bird poop, squirrels

The Hillside bouquet

Edie Bruce


Old friends, dusty trail

Lizards run, I rub the sage

Searching for answers

Edie Bruce


Treetops breathing

In praise of winter’s passing

exhaling shadows

Bill Zindel

Winding paths uphill

Rush of wind through needlegrass

Fog parting to sun

• Tina Wistrom


It’s my branch, squawks jay

Wiping beak on swaying limb

Come fall, (my) acorns too!

Tina Wistrom


I see a long path

I smell flowers on the sides

I hear a bird tweet

• Maya C.  Age 6


The green curtains part

Gold light and blue sky dazzle

I step in dog poo

Serafin Colmenares


Above recycling

Poppies apologize a-

gain upstaging oaks

• Jon Burnett


Short hike, orange haze

Napa neighbors’ stuff floating

Ash still yet falls Fall

• Jon Burnett


Turkey gangs are back

Gobble mobs boldly blocking

car bike hike deer trails

• Jon Burnett


East Bay’s an ant hill

Argentinian sages

warning ‘bout water

Jon Burnett


First time trekking tour

Stopping at each flower bush

Talking with the guide

• Julie O.  Age 12 and under


Curvy and straight trails

Birds chirping in the spring breeze

Looking at the view

• Julie O.  Age 12 and under


Nature walk in peace

Eucalyptus fills the air

Which trail should I choose

• Julie O.  Age 12 and under


Escape in woods with

Views of SF and Oakland

City in country!

• Roy Harkow


Run my fastest to

Top of Motorcycle Hill

Can’t . . . pant . . . Catch . . . pant . . . Breath . . .

• Roy Harkow


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