Hillside Natural Area

Ridge trail at sunset

The heart of El Cerrito’s open space, the Hillside Natural Area is approximately 80 acres of woods, grasslands and creeks. It exists in two discontinuous patches, The larger, southern portion between Schmidt Lane and Portrero Ave, and a section north of Potrero, Motorcycle Hill. A potential third section, the Madera Open Space, would go a great way towards linking the two sections, and is the focus of an ongoing fundraising campaign.

Hillside Natural Area Resources

El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area Guide (pdf)

El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area – 15 page (pdf)

Trees of Hillside Natural Area, El Cerrito, CA by the El Cerrito Tree Committee

Trail map of the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area (Friends of Five Creeks)

What lives in the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area (iNaturalist.org and Friends of Five Creeks)

El Cerrito Hillside Yahoo Group

El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area on FACEBOOK

El Cerrito’s Wilderness Park Has Never Received the Love It Deserves


Please help maintain and improve the Hillside Natural Area.  Trail Trekkers is dedicated to helping the city maintain this wonderful area, to improve its natural habitat, to remove dangerous overgrowth to prevents fires, and to improve access. Please donate here to this effort. All funds help improve and maintain the Hillside Natural Area. Donations are tax deductible, as provided by law.


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