Motorcycle Hill Trail

For a history of Motorcycle hill, see here.

A doe on the steps

Motorcycle Hill refers to the open hillside north of Potrero Ave, part of El Cerrito’s Hillside Natural Area. In June of 2012 a group of volunteers under the directs of Jenny Hammer of the El Cerrito Trail Trekkers began building a trail on the hill. The botton entrance is at the “corner” of Navellier and Blake and the top connects to a fire road that exits on Potrero. It is path #17 on our list and map.


Motorcycle Hill steps installed!

Read about it here.

Large turnout for Motorcycle Hill ribbon cutting

Mayor Janet Abelson slices through the ribbon, officially inaugurating the Motorcycle Hill Stairs. Mollie Hazen stands alongside.

Several dozen people showed up for a brief ceremony at Motorcycle Hill last week to mark the completion of the Motorcycle Hill Stairs. These stairs make it much easier to use the wonderful, albeit steep trail.

Read about it here.