Music for Madera Open Space

El Cerrito Trail Trekkers presents:


Music for Madera open space


September 20, 2015


Join friends, neighbors, open space fans, and local musicians who are donating their talents so we can maintain and restore the 8-acre Madera Open Space , the newest addition to the Hillside Natural Area.


The fun takes place Sunday, Sept. 20, from 1 to 7 p.m. in the courtyard of the El Cerrito community center, 7007 Moeser Lane. Music ranges from folk and Flamenco to dance and music from Zimbabwe, jazz and psychedelic funk.

Donation is $15 – for a good cause. Members of Trekkers pay only $10. You can join at the door. Membership is only $15, or $20 for a family. Kids can attend for free.

The goal of the festival is to have a great musical time in an attractive outdoor setting, relax a bit with good food and beverages – and raise money for habitat improvements, fire prevention and trails in the Madera Open Space and the rest of El Cerrito’s publicly-owned Hillside Natural Area.

Music for Madera Open Space Schedule
1:00-1:30: Steve Lipson, multi-instrumentalist
1:30-2:00: Edie O’Hara with Steve Gorman, folk singer-songwriter, with guitar accompanist
2:15-3:00: The Bob and Lenny Show, jazzy trumpet-guitar duo
3:15-4:00: Ken Hayes and Tom Cline, Americana music
4:15-5:00: Flamenco de Pasaje, with Eva Ma, Luinda Dayak, David López and Gopal Slavonic.
5:15-6:00: Funkadelicatessen, instrumental psychedelic funk
6:15-7:00 Chinyakare Ensemble, music and dance from Zimbabwe

We hope this festival becomes an annual event and continues to fulfill these purposes year after year. Last year’s event was a lot of fun.

Besides food and drink for sale we will have auction items to vie for, environmental materials, open space matters to talk about.

Co-sponsors of the event are the city’s Environmental Quality Committee and Arts & Culture Commission, with added funding from our friends at Marin Clean Energy.

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Also to enjoy at the festival:
We’ll be selling wonderful meals and treats from local caterers and restaurants,

Nong Thon Vietnamese, 10086 San Pablo Ave,

Encorecake, 10178 San Pablo Ave.,

the El Cerrito Natural Grocery Company Annex, 10367 San Pablo Ave.,

the caterer Oren’s Kitchen,

and Mary Barkey who will prepare paella in the Community Center Kitchen.


food logos


About the performers (in progress, look for more information soon):


Edie O’HaraEdie O'Hara

Edie O’Hara is an emerging Bay Area musician whose original songs fall into a singer-songwriter category, somewhere between “contemporary folk” and “folk-rock.” Her debut CD, titled Truth of the Heart, was released in 2012. Her songs are mostly drawn from her own life experiences, and (in a few cases) those of people she knows. Some of the lyrics deal with complex family relationships, some with the struggle to accept and believe in yourself. Some have an aching, soul-searching quality, others are upbeat life affirmations. There are elements of fun and humor as well. Whatever the style or subject, these are affirmative, healing songs which do what is expressed in the title track; they touch “the truth of the heart.” Edie has had a lifelong connection to Folk and Americana Roots music for the way it speaks to the depth of human experience.


Stefan Lipson

lipson photo head shot“Nothing overdubbed, no looping, no auto-accompaniment, no sequencing,” Stefan Lipson says of his music, performed on an electronic drum pad he helped design. “I’m playing everything live.”
Detroit-born Stefan Lipson started playing drums when he was 5 years old and began working professionally at 13. Lipson began exploring  the world of music performance software, eventually creating Sybil, the first program intended specifically for performing musicians.
Kaleido, his newest performance software, allows a performing musician to reconfigure and redefine the capabilities of any MIDI capable musical instrument with the click of a button.
“As a musician who spent many years shedding and developing my skills, I just want to play. I want to apply the skills and technique I’ve developed on my instrument to express myself and so I’m not interested in technology for technology’s sake. That’s why I love using Kaleido…because it’s not about technology, it’s about extending and redirecting the instrumental technique and ideas I have.”


FunkadelicatessenMr. Sharks of Funkadelicatessen

Plundering the wide world and our own ghettos and back roads, Funkadelicatessen creates innovative instrumental music that appeals to fans of retro instrumentals, jam bands, funk and psychedelia looking for a taste of the exotic.
The Funkadelicatessen features Seething Brunswick members Mike “064” Freeman on guitar, Bill Sparks on sax and Zachariah Veley on Keyboards along with Darren Potter on drums and Eric Steinberg on bass.
All the members have played in many Bay Area bands, including (the real) Process, Neurohumors, the Farmers, The Get Down, and more. Freeman has recorded extensively, created several multi-media performance spectacles and performed in a variety of Bay Area rock clubs.
Freeman is also handling the sound system and set up for today’s concert!


Ken Hayes and Tom Cline

Ken and Tom recently performed at the Hillside Festival.

Ken Hayes and Tom Cline entertain at the Schmidt entrance.

Ken Hayes and Tom Cline entertain at the Schmidt entrance.










Chinyakare Ensemble

Chinyakare Ensemble


The Bob and Lenny Show



Flamenco de Pasaje

Flamenco de Pasaje


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