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On this page we gather together a collection of some of our more interesting  hikes from the past.

Tepco Beach Hike
Sunday, February 11 at 3:00 pm 

Tepco Beach hike with Dave Weinstein and Tim Aaronson. Join us as we explore Tepco beach as well as the East Bay Regional Park’s adjacent Point Isabel Regional Shoreline. Founded by Italian immigrant John Pagliero, TEPCO (Technical Porcelain  Co.) was the largest manufacturer in El Cerrito for decades and its tableware is collectible today. During its sixty or so years, the company dumped its imperfect pieces into the bay near Point Isabel, creating a strand of shards – “TEPCO Beach.”  When the tides are low, you can walk over shards of old El Cerrito pottery and enjoy their tinkling as waves jostle them around. Meet at the El Cerrito Natural Grocery, San Pablo Avenue at Sacramento. 2  hours

Enjoy sweeping views, a bit of history, and a low tide.

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Dave W@Tepco Beach-2


5343 Poinsett

Storybook Homes Hike

Cable Roadway from Sausalito Boulevard to Central Avenue

Cable Roadway from Sausalito Boulevard to Central Ave.

Sausalito Stairway Hike

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