Trail Signs

2022 will be an exciting year for hikers in El Cerrito because two sets of trail signs are being installed in the Hillside Natural Area, thanks in large part to our partners, the National Park Service and the El Cerrito Rotary Club.

The first set will be way-finding signs designed by the National Park Service. The Rotary Interpretive Walk signs will provide interpretive text along the Live Oak Trail, delving into flora, fauna, geology and history. They were funded by the Rotary Club.

We also of course thank everyone in the City of El Cerrito who has worked so hard on these signs.

In addition, Trekkers continues to work on a third set of trail signs, ones that would mark all of the public trails, steps, and walkways that form a wonderful network outside of the Hillside Natural Area. These non-Hillside trail signs, while they have been fully designed by the National Park Service, have not yet been funded. Trekkers is running a campaign to pay for their installation.

View the Rotary Signage here.