El Cerrito Trail Trekkers

The El Cerrito Trail Trekkers formed in order to build, maintain, publicize and use the little known urban trails of El Cerrito, California. You can support us by  joining or donating, or you can keep up with our progress by getting on our email list.  Read more about us here. Follow us on Twitter @ECTrailTrekkers or Facebook . Read about our accomplishments in 2021 and our goals for 2022 here.

Trail Trekkers 2023 Annual Meeting

Saturday January 21, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Community Center Garden Room, 7007 Moeser Lane

We host interesting events online and in-person throughout the year. Find out more on our Events page.

Photo by El Cerrito Trail Trekkers

Our 2022 Hillside Festival was the best one yet.

June 13, 2022: Close to 400 people attended one or more of the 16 hikes, talks and family activities that made up the 8th Annual Hillside Festival in mid-May. That’s the most ever.

But more than numbers, it was the quality of our hike leaders’ presentations, in each case both deeply informed and heartfelt, and the contributions of our attendees, that made the event special.

The kids loved seeing the insects and the rocks, spittle bugs and “radiolarian chert.” Questions to our experts on native plants and birds probed deeply, both from expert birders and plant aficionados and from newcomers to the subject.

Our leaders were realists, focusing on damages caused by climate change and human depredation on our ecosystems – and human depredation on other humans.

But all showed a commitment to doing what we all can do to improve our environment and our society for all fauna and flora.

As president of Trail Trekkers I thank each participant, from our leaders to the hike ambassadors who kept things on track to each and every person who attended, including at least two members of our city council, Tessa Rudnick and Paul Fadelli, and our BART representative, Rebecca Saltzman.

If you missed the fest, please attend next year. Also attend some upcoming Trekker hikes. And take a peek at photos from the 2022 event

— Dave Weinstein

Haiku Contest 2022

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s haiku contest. Join us at the Haiku Hike on Sunday, May 15, noon to 1:30 PM at the Schmidt Lane Trailhead in the Hillside Area at which contest winners will be recognized and read their haiku as part of the Hillside Festival, May 14-15 Read all the entries here.

Winning entries



 The purple flower

Swaying in the gentle breeze

Welcoming the bees



 I pull my hat over my head

And see the nature

Through tiny holes



 Trees sway with the wind

The crunch of leaves underfoot

For this is my home




The quizzical bird

Bluejays. Stealthily hopping

The bug is gone now



 A faint breeze whisks by

With sun caressing my skin

Flowers twirl with me



 Daniel Ari – FIRST PLACE

 New green reaches out

into unknown sunlight

   above a sea of city.


Opal Franklin – SECOND PLACE

 My hands move mountains

Swing low and carry my pain

The brush keeps me warm



 Thirsty mosquitoes,

Keep your fangs away from me–

I will bite you back!


Barbara Birch – FOURTH PLACE

labyrinth circle  

step in with namaste hands

sudden devotion

El Cerrito Rotary Club and Trekkers will repair the Rotary Interpretive Walk. This walk, funded by the  Rotary Club and installed in 2020, has suffered from two criminal actions. One of the 15 signs was ripped from the ground and flung to the side of the trail. Another was stolen. These signs, designed and written by local volunteers, are city property. The signs should be back in the ground this winter at no cost to the city. Anyone with information on these acts of theft and vandalism is asked to speak to the ECPD.


Volunteers Wanted!

The Trekkers are looking for volunteers to help improve trails and continue building new ones. Let us know if you can help – contact Dave Weinstein at 510-524-1737 or davidsweinstein@yahoo.com.

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