Hidden Poetry Hike 1

IMG_7716On Sunday, February 21, 2016 Jenny Hammer led the first in a series of hikes celebrating poetry in El Cerrito. She and ten participants hiked through the Hillside Natural Area, Arlington Park, and the city’s new, but not yet, officially open, Dorothy Rosenberg Memorial Park. Along the way they used GPS coordinates to find hidden caches containing poems, then read them out loud. Some were by current or former El Cerrito residents, others by well known poets with ties to the Bay Area. In many cases Jenny contacted the poet who then suggested a poem for inclusion.

This was the first in a series of these hikes, which are co-sponsored by the El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission.

Hidden Poetry Series 1: California Poets Laureate

N 37° 55.122  W 122° 18.041       POET: Ina Coolbrith
N 37° 55.163  W 122° 17.992       POET: Juan Felipe Herrera
N 37° 55.269  W 122° 17.939       POET: Kay Ryan
N 37° 55.137  W 122° 17.764       POET: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
N 37° 55.286  W 122° 18.030       POET: Maya Angelou
N 37° 55.454  W 122° 18.042       POET: Al Young
N 37° 55.525  W 122° 18.013       POET: Robert Hass
N 37° 55.439  W 122° 18.083       POET: Dana Gioia

by Jenny Hammer [Updated Dec 21, 2020]


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