Fairview Open Space

a beautiful little cascading creek

A creek with cascades adorns Fairview Open Space

Preserving Fairview Open Space benefits everyone

A developer hopes to turn the 15-acre Fairview Open Space into a 38-home luxury development, “Fairview Estates.” These would not be affordable homes. A better use of Fairview, the last large area of unprotected habitat in our densifying city, is its preservation as open space and its addition to the city’s Hillside Natural Area, which it abuts.

El Cerrito Trail Trekkers and ECHO (the El Cerrito Hillside Organization) seek to preserve this open space

These are the benefits of preserving Fairview Open Space:

It would preserve two creeks and riparian habitat. Two streams at either end of the site support such wildlife as deer, coyote, opossum, skunk and raccoon, and a variety of birds and insects. One creek, which flows year-round, contains the most beautiful cascades in the city.

The developer has proposed altering the creeks, moving one, culverting a portion of one, and building a roadway across one.

It would ensure a broad swath of territory for wildlife habitat. Fairview Open Space adjoins the Natural Area, creating a wildlife corridor from the surrounding area that uses the streams as a source of water.  Many birds use these resources as part of a flyway. And local red tail hawks, owls and other raptors inhabit the site. El Cerrito is adding many more residences, as are surrounding jurisdictions, making all the more crucial that we preserve unbroken areas of wildlife habitat.

It would provide open space for people, including people with mobility issues. For many years, neighbors and others have used this property for open space recreation, walking, bird watching, and enjoying the views. Fairview provides wonderful schist outcroppings.

Accessibility. Fairview Open Space would provide one amenity that no other part of the 100-acre Hillside Natural Area can ever provide – accessibility to people with mobility problems. No other section of the Hillside offers a level-in trailhead. An accessible, graded trail could allow people with limited mobility to visit the cascades.

How can you help? We are asking organizations and members of the community to show support of open space by signing the statement of support. Also leave us your email to be alerted the news about Fairview. For more information contact Trekker president Dave Weinstein, 510-524-1737, davidsweinstein@yahoo.com.

For more, please read Preserving Fairview Open Space.

To support our efforts, click here.

Fairview Open Space is varied and beautiful. Take a look!

You can see more of the history of this mission here.

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